Workshop Presentations – Day 1


Metal to Composite Joining

MWCNT filled adhesives for metal/composite joints M Konstantakopoulou, G Kotsikos (Newcastle University)
Development of mechanically interlocking metal to composite joints-SIC D. Mattsson, G. Gong (Swerea Sicomp)
Functionally Graded adhesive joints-ITA R. Breto, A. Chiminelli (Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon)
Innovative features of laser manufacturing of metal polymer hybrids (Ybridio Project) Mr Asier Cenigaonaindia (Leister)
Joining process of dissimilar composite-metal materials based on laser technology (Ybridio Project) Maite Andrés (Technalia)
Use of induction technology for dissimilar material joining (Ybridio Project) Mark Logan (Eire Composites)
Development of a Direct Laser Joining of hybrid Plastic-Metal components for industrial applications (PMJoin Project) Carmen Sanz, Carlos Soriano (IK4-TEKNIKER)

Modelling of Dissimilar Joints

Failure modes in composite joints: a finite element study. E. Theotokoglou, D.A. Dragatogiannis, S. Skiadas, C.A. Charitidis (National Technical University of Athens)
Mixed adhesive joints Lucas da Silva (University of Porto)
Integrated modelling of 6xxx series friction stir welds: from thermal cycles to mechanical performances. A. Simar (Universite Catholique de Louvain la Neuve)

 NDE of Dissimilar Joints

Ultrasonic NDT of dissimilar joints E. Jasuniene (Kaunas Technical University – Intstitute of Ultrasound)
Development of Piezoelectric sensors G. Kotsikos, A. Deligianni (Newcastle University)