Workshop Presentations – Day 2


Environmental degradation of dissimilar metal joints

Environmental impact on elastic adhesive joints in marine applications A. Wulf, O. Klapp, M. Brede (Fraunhofer)
Degradation of adhesive joints Lucas da Silva (University of Porto)
The effects of pre-bond and after-bond contamination on the fracture toughness of adhesively bonded joints D. Markatos, K. Tserpes, S. Pantelakis (University of Patras)

Dissimilar metal joints

Microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-to-steel welds performed by friction melt bonding. A. Simar (Univeriste Catholique de Louvain la Neuve)
Micro structural and mechanical study of AA 5083 and AA 6082 friction stir welds reinforced with SiC, TiC and CNTs E. Koumoulos, D.A. Dragatogiannis, D.K. Perivoliotis, I.A.Kartsonakis, D. Pantelis, C. Charitidis  (National Technical University of Athens)
General discussion: Industry perspective, needs, comment and input on the future direction of research in dissimilar material joining.