Work Package 8

This WP will undertake the activities to disseminate the output of the SAFEJOINT project, raise awareness in the European Industry of the novel joints and joining techniques developed in this project.

Task 8.1 – Dissemination Strategy

This task will cover aspects such as publications, conference presentations, exhibition presence, press releases, project literature, online media, etc., and will be clearly outlined in the form of a Dissemination Strategy. This task will put together a clear strategy for disseminating the results of the SAFEJOINT project.

Task 8.2 – Project Website

This task will be one of the main tools for disseminating the work and progress of SAFEJOINT. It will be central to the Dissemination Strategy since it the perfect medium for marketing all the SAFEJOINT activities.

Task 8.3 – Newsletters

There have been 3 newsletters produced over18 months of the project. The newsletters aim to chart: The progress of the project and any milestones achieved; Any deliverables achieved; Any progress by Partners made as a result of being in the SAFEJOINT project; and Articles or references to events where SAFEJOINT is being represented.

Task 8.4 – Industrial Workshop and Conference

An Industrial Workshop is being organized in month 18 and and a Conference is planned in month 34 (end of the project). The Workshop will act as a forum for exchange of SAFEJOINT research results and industrial experience on selected topics of mutual interest. The Conference will present the final results of SAFEJOINT to industry and will be a forum for discussion on the market uptake of the technologies developed.

Task 8.5 – Publications

The SAFEJOINT know-how, approved for public dissemination by the project Steering Committee, will be publicised through scientific publications in international journals and presented on scientific conferences.

Task 8.6 – Other Dissemination Activities

Exploitation will cover activities that are specifically associated with the eventual introduction of the SAFEJOINT technologies to the target markets, such as liaison with aircraft manufacturers, train operating companies and shipbuilders, the organisation of user group meetings, market research studies, etc.