Work Package 9

This WP will administer, monitor, plan and facilitate SAFEJOINT to ensure that the project’s stated objectives are delivered on time and within budget.

The SAFEJOINT project management will be performed by UNEW, who will assign a suitably qualified project manager. The project manager’s responsibilities will encompass:

  •  Overall co-ordination of the project.
  • Update of project progress indicators (Gantt chart, deliverable / milestone status, budget, etc.).
  • Organisation and documentation of meetings.
  • Establishing procedures and templates for reporting.
  • Document control.
  • Formal reporting to the European Commission. In addition to the mandatory reports at 18, 36 and 48 months, progress reports will also be submitted to the EC Project Officer at six monthly intervals.
  • Financial management.
  • Preparation and maintenance of the project’s Consortium Agreement.
  • Maintenance of the project’s Intellectual Property Register.
  • Acting as a central point of contact for partner queries regarding administrative, legal and financial matters.
  • Acting as a link between the project’s “strategic”-level Governing Board, and “operational”-level Technical Management Committee and Assembly Group.
  • Liaison with SAFEJOINT’s European Commission Project Officer.